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The Holy Monastery of Zographou

History of the Monastery

The Holy Monastery of Zographou was founded in the 10th century by three brothers who were from Ochrid, Moses, Aaron, and John.


The monastery honors the memory of Saint George the Trophy-bearer and celebrates its feast on the 23rd of April. The not-made-by-hands icon of Saint George is treasured within the Katholicon.


The Unionists and the Catalans have destroyed the monastery. Twenty-six fathers were martyred by fire in 1282 by the Unionists.


The majority of the monks, from 1845 onward, are of Bulgarian origin.


In the library of the monastery there are many Greek and Slavonic manuscripts, among which is the «History of the Bulgarian Nation,» the first written text of modern Bulgarian literature, written by Paisios in 1762.


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